things to make you smile

31 Jan

Hey all!

At my last job in New York, there were times when I would be super grumbly about some inner-office shenanigans. Usually Tim would come to the rescue and email me a silly/happy picture (usually involving puppies or CareBears or some combination of the two.) It almost  always worked to turn my frown upside down so today I want to share a few things with you that are currently making me smile in case you’ve got the Tuesday blues**.

(** Can also alleviate Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday blues. Not guaranteed to work on Saturday or Sunday blues.)

First of all, there is a reason that I have been a lazy blogger: there is a little wiggly puppy sitting on my arm (no, we didn’t get a puppy yet – I’m just puppy sitting for a friend) and he makes it difficult to get anything done because he’s so darn CUTE!  As you can see, he’s very good at snuggling. It’s his favorite activity.

yup, he's sleeping on me

I had seen this next one before a long time ago but forgot about it until my super wonderful Heather sent it to me again. I scoured the interwebs but couldn’t find where it was from/who took it. I think maybe she is Mongolian? Wherever it is, it’s an awesome picture.

This next one is a video especially for all of you New Yorkers. It made me laugh (although I felt a bit defensive about Queens)…

And finally, as a special treat, my favorite bit of bathroom graffiti ever. Found in a tiny hole-in-the-wall dive bar on the Lower East Side (NYC). You’re welcome.

the words of the prophets...

That’s all for today. I am heading off to Arizona to see the in-laws on Thursday so postings will continue to be light.



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