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storytime: take two

21 Feb

Some of our favorite people from New York were in town this weekend. While we were out and about exploring (ok, eating) in the city most of the time, we did have a lovely and relaxing evening by the fire one night. It reminded me very much of our previous “story time night” by the fire and then I realized that I HAD NOT POSTED story number two: “A Strange Day in July” (by Tim)! Yikes! I know you’ve all been impatiently waiting day after day, night after night for the second installment of story time. All I can say is I’m sorry. (And here it is…)


He threw with all his might, but the third stone kept skipping back.

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music master

14 Feb

from “Music Master” by Rumi:

The minute I heard my first love story

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along.

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