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A little castle for a little prince

20 Nov

Tim hanging up the artwork: blown-up pictures from a vintage Goldielocks and the Three Bears picture book.

I wanted to post some pictures of the little mister’s nursery for all those inquiring minds out there. I took most of these the day I started going into labor with him and the room is definitely way messier now. I think it’ll be spic and span right in time for him to graduate from high school. 😉

Where the magic happens.

The room was (loosely) based on a vintage-y woodland/fairytale-esque look. How’d I do? I’d love to hear your thoughts. (For some reason, the rest of the pictures are posting really small. Sorry everybody!)

I made this mushroom on a whim one afternoon out of an old linen shirt of Tim’s and a red velour hoodie that was once cool. 🙂

G-man’s dresser/closet, an old wardrobe trunk that used to serve as my dresser.

Storage for all the fun baby stuff!

This mobile hung over my brother and my cribs when we were babies.

He’s gotten more books since!

Tim and I made this cloud and hung it from the ceiling corner. Perfect for daydreaming.