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Sunshine and Plenty

16 Feb

You know when you have one of those, “there is a little black rain cloud hanging over my head and it won’t go away” days? Well, today wasn’t exactly one of those days (my rain cloud was of the gray variety) but still a very picky, sticky, mouth-down-at-the-corners kind of day.

And then I stumbled upon this.

And now everything pretty much seems ok.

Just another reminder that there is sunshine and plenty out there. Sometimes you just need to know where to look for it.

nice sign



11 Feb

The unbelievable is now happening: Little Mister is taking a nap. Granted, it is not in his crib (one day…) but he is sleeping. Sleeping like a regular little baby. I do not know what to do with myself. I’ve already gone to the bathroom by myself – twice! AND I ate my lunch without cramming it in my face like a Dickensian orphan or Augustus Gloop at the chocolate river.

And now you know what I do with my (other, non-napping) days.

I will work on a nice post with pictures and witty comments but for now, for now, he is sleeping and I am going to do nothing.